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Ethical Office Flowers / Ethical Wedding Flowers

New for 2008 we are offering customers the choice of ethical flowers.

Up to 90% of the flowers that your florist delivers will be from overseas. As concerns about haulage and air miles of consumables become paramount, we would like to cut down our part of the equation.

We have been trialing a scheme that offers English flowers all year round, and are pleased to be able to offer it to all our clients.

Whilst it is not more expensive than our usual offerings, the range and scope of flowers will, by its very nature, be limited during the winter months. However, from February onwards, we have delightful flowers from the British Isles, like Calla lillies and tulips

Hopefully, as demand for ethical, fair-trade and organic flowers grows, there will be more choice available to consumers, and we will update this page as soon as more avenues are open to us.

Note on Wedding Flowers

Becuase wedding flowers are ordered often weeks in advance, there is more scope for being able to source organic and fair-trade exotic flowers, so even if you are marrying in Scotland in January, we should be able to source you a gorgeous bouquet that doesn't cost the earth.

Photo gallery coming soon...


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